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TheToastyT0ast's News

Posted by TheToastyT0ast - 6 days ago

I honestly don't know why I make these, I doubt anybody reads em. I guess its just a nice way to log my mind publically.

I've been writing some random stories, and I got alot done with the Random Robbers story board. I'm planning on redrawing the last two pages, since I just got a new free art software (krita.) that was suggested to me via a friend (not gonna say his steam name, I'm guessing hes eventually going to make a Newgrounds account, so I can credit him if he wants me to post it to my account or anything.) is also redrawing RR. I've written a song. I can't exactly... play it? I do own a guitar, but have no clue how to play it... yayyyyy.

I redraw my patrick profile picture, because when translated into english it had the spooky wooky N-word in it. I don't want the N word on my profile picture.

Anyways, I'm gonna get crackin'. See ya'll later. whoever is reading this.

Posted by TheToastyT0ast - June 16th, 2022

So this is just a little update to the few people who actually enjoy my art.

I'm not feelin too good, I've tried workin on my mental health but I just feel like not as good as I used to be, but anyways,

RANDOM ROBBERS, Eh? Haven't worked on it at all. I worked on the story board for the second comic, but haven't finished the first comic, I've made a bunch of art in my spare time, but don't feel like I can and should post them, (Its not porn, its just theyre random memes and such, I don't do porn), I wanna get into game development and music, (such as guitar) but don't know how to code or play guitar.

But I came up with an idea for a game. Its just an idea right now, and I don't have alot finished, BUT. What I do have I'm pretty proud with, I won't post alot of details, since I don't want some big game dev to up and steal my idea and I get no credit due to me being a small newgrounds artist. But I am planning on trying to get it on steam when its finished, I'll probably have the demo on newgrounds and gamejolt. I also have an idea for a fnaf fan game, but like my last point, I unno how'a code! (or model for that matter.) but I remember drawing ideas for said fnaf fan game when I was like, 9? so I'll just use the character I drew for those, give him some love, y'know?

Anyways I better cut this here. Happy pride month.

Posted by TheToastyT0ast - April 23rd, 2022

Since I feel like I want to make Random Robbers a big thing on my newgrounds, I started working on it a tad, but I have an irritated eye and it makes it hard to focus, but luckily I finished the storyboard/script and stuff for comic 1. so thats good. but I havent really worked on page 3, at all, since each comic will mostlikely have 10 or more pages and each page will probably have 4-5 pannels or something like that, so you do the math. but anyways, I think when I (and if I ever) reach 100 followers on newgrounds I'll make a collage of all my characters Ive created (only the ones Ive POSTED TO NEWGROUNDS so its not confusing!). Anyways, RRP3C1 won't be out for another three weeks or so, it is SOON, but not as SOON as I hoped. I'll still probably make small, crappy drawings that dont take a long time, (such as memes, simple sketches, so on.).

Anyways, gonna wrap this up, I love ya'll (my four followers♥♥)


Posted by TheToastyT0ast - March 24th, 2022

Yes, I am alive for the two people wondering. I've been feeling kinda blue lately so I took a bit of a break, still feel kinda sad though. I've drawn alot in my spare time but I haven't finished any MAJOR drawings that I feel are good enough to post. No idea how the other two tricky things are gonna be. Sorry.


Posted by TheToastyT0ast - March 8th, 2022

been procrastinating alot on the final two tricky art pieces, I might start working on one soon but im hoping I can make some time to get one done this month

Posted by TheToastyT0ast - February 18th, 2022

I know almost nobody is gonna see this except like the 1 person who looks at my profile but im gonna be working on some more tricky art because idk what else to draw